Jupyter notebook changelog

A summary of changes in the Jupyter notebook. For more detailed information, see GitHub.


Bug fixes:

  • Properly reap zombie subprocesses
  • Fix cross-origin problems
  • Fix double-escaping of the base URL prefix
  • Handle invalid unicode filenames more gracefully
  • Fix ANSI color-processing
  • Send keepalive messages for web terminals
  • Fix bugs in the notebook tour

UI changes:

  • Moved the cell toolbar selector into the View menu. Added a button that triggers a “hint” animation to the main toolbar so users can find the new location. (Click here to see a screencast )

  • Added Restart & Run All to the Kernel menu. Users can also bind it to a keyboard shortcut on action restart-kernel-and-run-all-cells.

  • Added multiple-cell selection. Users press Shift-Up/Down or Shift-K/J to extend selection in command mode. Various actions such as cut/copy/paste, execute, and cell type conversions apply to all selected cells.

  • Added a command palette for executing Jupyter actions by name. Users press Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-P or click the new command palette icon on the toolbar.

  • Added a Find and Replace dialog to the Edit menu. Users can also press F in command mode to show the dialog.


Other improvements:

  • Custom KernelManager methods can be Tornado coroutines, allowing async operations.
  • Make clearing output optional when rewriting input with set_next_input(replace=True).
  • Added support for TLS client authentication via --NotebookApp.client-ca.
  • Added tags to jupyter/notebook releases on DockerHub. latest continues to track the master branch.

See the 4.1 milestone on GitHub for a complete list of issues and pull requests handled.



  • fix installation of mathjax support files
  • fix some double-escape regressions in 4.0.5
  • fix a couple of cases where errors could prevent opening a notebook


Security fixes for maliciously crafted files.

Thanks to Jonathan Kamens at Quantopian and Juan Broullón for the reports.


  • Fix inclusion of mathjax-safe extension


  • Fix launching the notebook on Windows
  • Fix the path searched for frontend config


First release of the notebook as a standalone package.